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“Fabulous Costume”

“Received my fabulous costume today. Very easy ordering service. Prompt delivery, only 2 days wait, excellent! Quality material and finished to a high standard. My son will be the best dressed innkeeper there unless my friend who I passed your site onto orders one of your costumes too!”

How lovely to receive an e-mail like this from another of our satisfied customers.

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I love talking to my Customers!

I love talking to my customers – they tell me such great stories.

I spoke to a lovely lady this week, who needed some advice on the sizes of the costumes. She needed a costume in a hurry, because her son had just been promoted from a shepherd, to Joseph “because of his loud singing voice”! She had no idea if that was a compliment or not, but was loving his promotion nevertheless.

Brown and Green Joseph

Brown and Green Joseph

She chose this Brown and Green Striped Joseph costume for her son, and has now received it.

She e-mailed me to say “I did receive the costume yesterday morning very promptly – thank you so much the costume is lovely I must say the photo does not give it any justice, the colours are  beautiful and so appropriate and the quality of the fabric simply superb.”

Another happy customer – and hopefully a happy (and loud!) Joseph!

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Pop Shop Photos

As I mentioned in my last post, the Wiltshire Pop Shop has now opened in the Emery Gate Centre, Chippenham, Wiltshire. As promised, I remembered to take my camera to take a few snaps.

Basket of Costumes

Basket of Costumes

Costume mannequin

Standing Guard

Just a quick couple to give you an idea.

It was great to see some people in there browsing at the lovely things on offer, and I have mentally earmarked a couple of Christmas presents from there myself!

Do pop in if you’re in the area and tell the lovely people in there that I sent you!

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Visit the Wiltshire Pop Shop!

Newly opened yesterday, the Wiltshire Pop Shop is a new enterprise selling a range good stuff. From locally produced goodies, items from local business, and ethical and eco products there’s something for everyone. Have a look at their website here

In an exciting move for us, they are stocking While Shepherds Watched Nativity Costumes! They have a selection of our costumes, in both sizes, available to buy immediately. As soon as I take one of my mannequins down there you’ll also be able to see the costumes ‘in the flesh’.

The Pop Shop is inside the Emery Gate shopping centre, in the centre of Chippenham in Wiltshire.

Photos to follow …






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2012 Costumes are here!

For the latest in cutting edge style, the 2012 While Shepherds Watched Nativity Costumes are here!

The new costumes have been sorted, counted, photographed and uploaded to the site. All feature our trademark Fairtrade Certified Cotton in gorgeous stripes. Some have been especially designed for the Shepherdess or Innkeeper’s Wives out there, (whispers – in gorgeous Pinks!)

Blue and Purple Shepherd

Blue and Purple Shepherd

Blue Striped Shepherd

Blue Striped Shepherd

Each of these designs is available on both medium size (to fit age 4 – 7) and Large (to fit aged 7 – 11).

Have a good look, but remember the costumes are especially designed for While Shepherds Watched, so when they’re gone – they’re really gone!

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Roll On Christmas 2012!

So the big boxes have arrived from Bishopston Trading, the office is full of costumes, it can only mean Christmas is on its way! (I’m sorry – I know its only October).

Some lovely new fabrics this year – including some costumes for those Shepherds who prefer a Pink based costume, or for those fashionable Innkeeper’s Wives out there.

Box fresh costumes - a large pile of!

Box fresh costumes - a large pile of!

All will be added to the site as soon as I’ve managed to take some decent photographs of them. If anyone needs to see them sooner please get in touch!

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Oh the irony of it!

Monday was the day of my son’s last ever School Christmas Play. He’s in Year 6, and the secondary school he should be going to doesn’t do a Christmas play. So naturally I was hoping for a very sweet play, definitely some Shepherds, maybe some assorted farm animals, some angels with crooked halos, you know the kind of thing. Something to tug at the heart strings and tempt a small tear to form in the driest of eyes.

However, events have conspired against me. For a start, his school tends to do Christmas themed plays or pantos rather than a proper Nativity Play once they’re into Key Stage 2. You may remember my pride when he was cast as Bill last year. What do you mean – you don’t remember Bill? He was Mary’s older brother of course! . Secondly, he has always hankered after any kind of technology.

Despite these two minor points I was full of anticipation when my son burst through the door, smile as wide as his face, excitedly telling me that in the play this year …….. drum roll for tension …… he was ………….. DOING THE LIGHTING!!!!!!!

Oh the irony of it – he didn’t even need a costume. Being a Mother who sells Nativity Costumes is very handy this time of year, but only when your little-y is still, well, little. So I guess this is the start of ‘letting go’ and getting ready for my youngest child to go to Secondary School next year. Maybe they’ll let me into the Key Stage 1 play this afternoon anyway. Ill bring my own hankies!

P.S. Update – The play was great, and the lighting was spectacular (I can still be a proud Mum, even if he wasn’t on stage!)

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Two new Costumes have arrived ….

Brown and Red Striped Joseph

At last, the final 2 costumes have arrived, literally ‘Hot off the Loom’. A fantastic Brown and Red Striped Joseph, and a Chestnut Innkeeper – the colours of both of them are so vibrant your little star will really stand out!

Both are available in Medium and Large sizes.


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Prizes & Rewards Coming!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is Coming!

A time of giving gifts, and also of loving and sharing.

A gift for you

As I’m starting to feel a little Christmas-sy I thought I’d don my Santa hat and offer my fans, customers, Facebook Like-rs and Twitter Followers a little early Christmas present.

Of course, I will need to know if you’ve been naughty or nice before you get your present…

So, send me photos of your child in their ‘While Shepherds Watched’ costume to see how ‘nice’ they look. Also any great (true!) tales from nativity plays, which may be ‘nice’ or ‘naughty!’ Stories can be about your children, or yourself – the funnier the better.

For every entry I feature on the website, your present will be a 15% discount voucher for use this year. Don’t worry if you’ve already bought your costume, I will refund 15% of the costume cost if you have (only applicable if it was bought from the While Shepherds Watched website this year).

Please read the Small print below, and you must be happy to have your photo or story shared on my Website, Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

E-Mail me your entries to this address or use our Contact Form, or reply to this post, post them on the While Shepherds Watched’s Facebook Page or Tweet me.

Small print
– You have to be happy for me to share the photo or story on the website. For this reason, photos must *only* show your child, so no group shots.
– true stories are funnier
– Vouchers will be for one-time use only, and will expire on 31st December 2011
– If you have already purchased a costume from While Shepherds Watched this year,then I will refund you 10% of the price you paid for the costume (if you upgraded to Special Delivery then this will not be included in the reduction).
– Refunds will be made in the same manner as payment was made. So if you paid by Paypal, your refund will be made by Paypal.

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While Shepherds Watched ‘Joseph’ Costume Featured

Blue and White Striped Joseph

The lovely people at ‘’ website have just published an article about where to buy “brilliant Nativity costumes that won’t break the bank”. I was delighted that they have featured one of my Joseph costumes in their article, you can see it here.

What is particularly pleasing is that the other costumes featured all come from the large Supermarkets. Looks like I’m up with the big boys!

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