All New for 2014!

It’s all changing for 2014! Actually, not everything, but there are lots of exciting changes going on at While Shepherds Watched this year.

After years of supplying beautiful Nativity costumes made from fairtrade Cotton made in India, I am now very proud to annouce that our new costumes are made from Organic Cotton (some of which is fairtrade) and the costumes are now sewn in the UK. I am working with a sewing co-operative based in England and I can’t wait to see the finished results.

They are being sewn now so will be with me in the next few weeks. If you need something specific please do get in touch and I can advise you on dates. As well as the fabrics below, more Angels are on their way as well.

Sneaky peak at the new fabrics

Sneaky peak at the new fabrics

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