Nativity Costume Ideas – Travellers

I’ve had a few calls asking me what costume would be suitable for an Innkeeper’s wife, or a Traveller, or the Third Shepherd from the left (and so on – you get the idea!) At least I’ve never had anyone ask for a lobster costume like in ‘Love Actually’. So I thought I’d write down the advice I normally give on various costumes, in the hope it will help someone struggling with a Nativity Costume.

If you’ve been asked to supply a different costume, please ask for help (as long as its not a lobster – I’ll  be struggling with that one!)

Moving on to Travellers, this is a role that the teacher in charge of the Play may have very specific ideas as to what they want the children to wear. In my daughter’s very first Nativity Play, when she was in Reception, she was a ‘Traveller’, and simply had to wear her normal coat. That was an easy costume! If your Traveller has to be more traditional though, then you can still take one of While Shepherd’s Watched costumes, and accessorise as you please.

Like Innkeepers, Travellers’ costumes can include a variety of colours and styles, as both rich and poor were having to travel to Bethlehem. This is why I group both costumes together on the website.

Like Innkeepers, the costume can be added to with scarves, shawls, and maybe cloaks. So Lady Travellers could add a shawl over the top of their tunic, and any Travellers could add a cloak. Cloaks are easily made from any length of fabric fastened around the neck, although I think ‘dull’ colours such as brown, beige or green will help to add to the ‘dust from the road’ image. Carrying a bundle of belongings, or a sack over the shoulder, will  be another good prop.

I hope that helps!

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