Nativity Costume Ideas – Mary

I’ve had a few calls asking me what costume would be suitable for an Innkeeper’s wife, or a Traveller, or the Third Shepherd from the left (and so on – you get the idea!) At least I’ve never had anyone ask for a lobster costume like in ‘Love Actually’! So I thought I’d write down the advice I normally give on various costumes, in the hope it will help someone struggling with a Nativity Costume.

If you’ve been asked to supply a different costume, please ask for help (as long as its not a lobster – I’ll  be struggling with that one!)

Traditional Mary Costume

First up, Mary. Probably the easiest, and the most iconic, of all the nativity costumes. Mary is nearly always portrayed in a loose blue tunic and a flowing white head dress. Occasionally this is reversed, so a white tunic and blue head dress. If you stick to these colours you won’t go far wrong!

In most of the plays I’ve seen involved Mary ‘travelling’ to Bethlehem, and then mostly sitting down for the arrival of Shepherds, Kings etc. This is important because you need to make sure that the costume isn’t so long that ‘Mary’ doesn’t trip up on the hem as she walks and stands back up again.


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