9 Top Christmas Gift Ideas – a Guest Post

As a small, independent business While Shepherds Watched tries to be supportive of other similar traders. If you live in Wiltshire and are looking for locally sourced and produced gifts then you can do no better than to head over to the Pop Shop, in the Emery Gate Centre in Chippenham. They stock our costumes as well as an amazing range of goodies, both edible and other wise, and I highly recommend them. I posted about them last year here.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in Wiltshire, or if you prefer to shop online, then you can still support small independent producers. Dawn, who runs Funky Dory Party Bags, has written a brilliant blog post about 9 Top Christmas Gift Ideas, which I’ve copied below (with her permission!)


George Gingerbread

Here at Funky Dory Party Bags, we like to bang the drum for the small independent retailer.  When Christmas shopping, we all automatically turn to the big brands, department stores and Amazon, but with small businesses, you are most likely to get a very personal service, a good bargain, and will have less departments to wade through if you have a question.

So, here are 9 fantastic Christmas present ideas for all the family from a few highly recommended small businesses.  They all trade online too, so you can order from the comfort of your own home.

1.  I can’t talk about Christmas gifts without banging my own drum, so let’s get that out of the way first.  Personalised Santa Sacks.  There.

2. We absolutely love this range of traditional rag dolls and accessories from Knot Just Jigs. Your doll can be personalised too with an embroidered name tag, making it a unique and treasured gift.

3.  For younger children, learning is fun with these Jolly Phonics reading aids, stocked by our friends at Education Takeaway.  We particularly like the Letter Sound Poster.

4.  Boutique to You have a huge range of personalised Christmas gifts for all the family, including baby’s 1st Christmas baubles,  and we are particularly fond of this  Christmas Rules Personalised Print.

5.  Can you keep a secret?  These beautifully made, hand carved Secret Lock Boxes are the perfect place to hide one.  They’re fair trade too, as are most of the lovely items stocked by More Than Gifts.

6.  Delicate Dreams stock a lovely range of 925 sterling silver jewellery for women and children, so of course, they are likely to be very busy this Christmas.  If you know a  fan of Taddy Teddy, you might want to check out their range of Me To You Jewellery, before it’s too late!

7.  Medical ID Jewellery can stylish as well as functional, as demonstrated by our friends at Ice Gems.  They supply a massive range of ID jewellery that you will want to wear, as well as needing to, if you have a serious medical condition such as diabetes or epilepsy.  They have some great offers on right now, on ladies medical ID jewellery.

8.  One of the best parts of Christmas is the Nativity Play, and we know where you can find the best, fair trade nativity costumes.  Pop along over to While Shepherds Watched to see their full range.

9.  Take your child to the most magical of places this Christmas with a personalised portrait from Enhance-me.com.  As well as portraits, they also do a lovely range of personalised Christmas cards – you can even turn your house or workplace into a Christmas scene!  Take a look.



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