Oh the irony of it!

Monday was the day of my son’s last ever School Christmas Play. He’s in Year 6, and the secondary school he should be going to doesn’t do a Christmas play. So naturally I was hoping for a very sweet play, definitely some Shepherds, maybe some assorted farm animals, some angels with crooked halos, you know the kind of thing. Something to tug at the heart strings and tempt a small tear to form in the driest of eyes.

However, events have conspired against me. For a start, his school tends to do Christmas themed plays or pantos rather than a proper Nativity Play once they’re into Key Stage 2. You may remember my pride when he was cast as Bill last year. What do you mean – you don’t remember Bill? He was Mary’s older brother of course! . Secondly, he has always hankered after any kind of technology.

Despite these two minor points I was full of anticipation when my son burst through the door, smile as wide as his face, excitedly telling me that in the play this year …….. drum roll for tension …… he was ………….. DOING THE LIGHTING!!!!!!!

Oh the irony of it – he didn’t even need a costume. Being a Mother who sells Nativity Costumes is very handy this time of year, but only when your little-y is still, well, little. So I guess this is the start of ‘letting go’ and getting ready for my youngest child to go to Secondary School next year. Maybe they’ll let me into the Key Stage 1 play this afternoon anyway. Ill bring my own hankies!

P.S. Update – The play was great, and the lighting was spectacular (I can still be a proud Mum, even if he wasn’t on stage!)

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